Kildare County Libraries – A Space For All​. Keith McKeag & Lorna Kenna

Kildare County Libraries – A Space For All​. Keith McKeag & Lorna Kenna

Kildare County Libraries are committed to providing an accessible service for all our patrons, creating positive opportunities for those with additional needs.

This presentation will focus on the current work being done by Kildare Libraries in the form of the TTT programme, TTRS, Autism Awareness Training and our Multi-Sensory Garden project.


The Toys, Technology and Training (TTT) Programme provides specialised toys and equipment to children and adults with learning difficulties, disabilities or more significant needs. This community-based service is offered from our inclusive, public library space and membership is free. This is supported by a dynamic series of talks and workshops each year offering further guidance for parents, teachers and healthcare professionals. In 2018 the TTT programme for the first time included ASD sensory storytime sessions with an opportunity to use the library, while closed to the general public.

The TTRS programme runs in a number of libraries throughout Kildare and offers a comprehensive touch-typing course that aims to build literacy skills using a multi-sensory approach for users who struggle with physical impairments and specific learning difficulties, such as dyslexia.

Autism Awareness Training through AsIAm.ie is being undertaken at present by all Kildare library staff members to provide a better understanding of the condition and to ensure that our services are accessible to the needs of those with the condition.

Winner of the LAI Project Prize 2018, this year we plan to design and plant a multi-sensory garden in Leixlip Community Library. The creation of this garden will include ASD friendly workshops where the community can assist in the planting of the outdoor area. While a sensory garden is beneficial to all, it will be particularly therapeutic for those suffering from sensory problems, while raising disability awareness and promoting social inclusion.


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