Promoting Books, Reading and Libraries through the Media. Sean Beattie

Promoting Books, Reading and Libraries through the Media. Sean Beattie

The parallel session will describe a high profile partnership approach to promoting enhanced  reading opportunities through a range of accessible media platforms.


The presentation will focus on the partnership between Libraries NI and the BBC. The partnership which has run for three years has seen the two organisations come together to promote a love of reading and Libraries.  The partnership has been built on a diverse programme of activities and is a result of the patient fostering of relationships and being in a position to exploit opportunities as they arise.  The background to the development of this partnership will be explored as will the challenges both in creating and maintaining the partnership together with the benefits to be gained in  working with a key  media partner.

Central to the partnership has been Book Week NI.  The  week features a series of features across the BBC Northern Ireland network looking at books and reading e.g. library customers, listeners, library staff, authors and publishers have all been featured during this promotion.

A key aspect of Book Week NI has been social media.  How Libraries NI have used this to engage staff, customers  and stake holders will be explored. The presentation will concentrate on the planning and delivery of this  programme, which has been live  for three years.

In addition the partnership has seen the creation and development of the “Biggest Book Group in the country”. The Stephen Nolan Show  – the mid-morning radio show on Radio Ulster – is the most listened to show in Northern Ireland.  The presentation will highlight the impact of working with, “The Biggest Show in the country” and the challenges of working with a current affairs programme.


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