Your Local Library: A Space for Everyone. Sheila Kelly

Your Local Library: A Space for Everyone. Sheila Kelly

In 2017, MU Library’s Teaching & Research Development team moved from a subject-based model of library support to a functional model, based around the core functions of our team i.e. Research Support; Academic Engagement; and Teaching & Learning.

I worked with the Dublin Region Homeless Executive to identify hubs and hostels and make contact with Case Workers/ Development managers to connect with these hard to reach people. I also contacted refugee and integration centres in the city to include them in the project. The idea was to relax membership rules and create linkages between the hubs and a particular local branch library, thereby providing a sort of ‘personal’ service to individuals who may not have been previously familiar with libraries or who may perceive them as institutions that may fail them. The singular aim of the project was to ensure that homeless people and asylum seekers would enjoy the same entitlement and quality library service that we deliver to everyone equally.

The project commenced in September 2018 and is ongoing and has some successes but it is not without difficulties. During the course of the presentation I would like to extrapolate my learning from the project and share my experience and of course learn from other services that may have addressed this issue.


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